Recognition of Prior Learning

Am I guaranteed a licence?

No. Masters in Building Training can only assess your current skills, knowledge and collect evidence on your experience against national units of competence that are contained in each qualification. This process is called Recognition of Prior Learning. The licence is issued by the government body in your state.

MiB can issue qualification’s that form part of the licensing process.

What do I need to register with Masters in Building Training?

Register on-line

Have the referees statement completed by a current qualified Builder or tradesperson.

Pay the deposit.

Are there any other costs associated with the assessment?

The prices listed on our website and flyer are fixed costs and GST exempt. They include an initial assessment, site visit and a competency conversation.

Certificate III $2200
Certificate IV $5000
Combined Cert IV /Dip $7500
Advanced Diploma $7500

*All prices are GST exempt as they are nationally recognised

If you are deemed not yet competent (NYC) or require a second competency conversation or site visit this will be discussed and possible additional fees charged.

Travel outside the Sydney metropolitan area is also charged at cost and will be discussed prior to any flight or accommodation bookings being made.

All qualifications require a $1000 deposit with a second payment due at the time of the competency conversation with the final payment due on release of the certificates.

Please note that all costs must be paid for prior to the release of certificates.

How long does the assessment take?

Generally, a competency conversation can take between 2-6hrs however; to put evidence together can entail many hrs depending on your experience and record keeping.

Most participants compile their evidence with 2 weeks, which would include more than 20hrs to complete a portfolio in-line with the RPL guide for your particular qualification.

Is this qualification approved for what I need?

This depends on which state you are intending to become licensed in. Please see the answer for question 1 and 2 or click here for more info on licencing.

Do I need to attend classes?

No. If you need gap-training you can complete the lessons on-line through our e-learning system.

If you are deemed “Not Yet Competent” (NYC) for any or all of the units you have been assessed against, you can complete the course by completing the on-line lessons, gaining further experience or producing current evidence against that unit.

Your assessor will direct you to the most appropriate pathway to complete your qualification.

I started a TAFE qualification but did not complete the qualification, will you recognise what I have completed previously

Under National recognition, Masters in Building Training will recognise another RTO’s certificate or statement of Attainment, we will however justify the currency of that qualification or part of through a competency conversation.

Do you have a payment plan?

We accept an initial deposit on registration of $1000

There is a mid-payment of a maximum of $1500 once the assessment is underway

The balance is to be paid once the assessment is complete and prior to the certificate being issued.

Please see the flow chart of assessment.