MiBT 2017 Winners for On-Line E- Learning

Posted on: May 29th, 2017

In April 2017, MiBT entered a four business awards, as a member of the NSW Business Chamber.  The awards entered included:  Business Leader of the Year, Excellence in Small Business, Employer of the Year, Excellence in Innovation.

MiBT were successful finalists in all four awards entered, which in itself is a great achievement for our business.

We are pleased to announce we won the Excellence in Innovation business award, for our E-Learning platform.  This award recognised a business that made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application.

MiBT has made a significant contribution to the building industry by developing resources on an E-Learning (online) platform that allows building industry employers to keep their apprentices/trainee’s onsite whilst completing their chosen qualification instead of losing them one day per week or one week per month whilst they are attending class-room based training.

Having discussed industry needs with employers and supervisors, to have a more flexible approach to training deliver to include on site assessments, there was an industry driven demand to have a more flexible approach to training delivery for apprentices and mature aged industry employees. There were no building and construction registered training organisations, utilising the E-Learning, cloud based educational Learning Management System (LMS) at that time.

Once our E-Learning platform was marketed, word spread in industry, particularly in the regional areas, MiBT began receiving Training Plan Proposals (TPP) from all over NSW and registering many apprentices and trainees including but not limited to waterproofers, solid plasterers, bricklayers and carpenters.

Using our E-learning system, apprentices can complete lessons on the job-site, saving employers time and money. Our high quality multi-media lessons can be streamed directly to a smart-phone or tablet, allowing learners to complete the practical tasks when and where it suits them.

As one of the leaders of E-Learning in the building and construction industry, the industry has taken up the opportunity of engaging their apprentices/trainees or existing staff with our E-Learning system.  MiBT is quickly becoming the leading training provider to the building industry training over 800 learners per year.  Learner surveys and evaluations returned highlight a 96% satisfaction rating with their training, which is higher than the industry average.

By using new and emerging training technology such as our E-Learning system we eliminated the inconvenience of conventional class-room teaching and brought the training to the work-site.  A training delivery much needed by the building and construction industry stakeholders.

For more information on this news article, or the E-Learning system, please contact us on 1300 642 457.